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Variação da Spread Contraluz

Variação da Spread Contraluz

Originally uploaded by mawelucky.

I’m a few days out of date here, but this is a new work from Jane over at flickr.

As Melisande pointed out in the comments section on this photo:

Another marvelous work of yours !

This central hexagonal twist is a nice feature of many tessellations you’ve made recently, it belongs to you, I think.

I concur! this central twist design appears repeatedly in Jane’s tessellation work, and it’s one of the features that helps me to immediately identify a photo as one of her designs.

We’ll have to come up with a good name for it, since I don’t think she’d like it being called the “Sem Nome twist”…

Variação da Spread

Variação da Spread Verso Contraluz


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