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Variação da Spread Contraluz

Variação da Spread Contraluz

Originally uploaded by mawelucky.

I’m a few days out of date here, but this is a new work from Jane over at flickr.

As Melisande pointed out in the comments section on this photo:

Another marvelous work of yours !

This central hexagonal twist is a nice feature of many tessellations you’ve made recently, it belongs to you, I think.

I concur! this central twist design appears repeatedly in Jane’s tessellation work, and it’s one of the features that helps me to immediately identify a photo as one of her designs.

We’ll have to come up with a good name for it, since I don’t think she’d like it being called the “Sem Nome twist”…

Variação da Spread

Variação da Spread Verso Contraluz


  1. Glenn Gustitus says

    I own a piece of Joel’s work, a face. I have mounted it in a shadow box and it is hanging in my office. It is the most unique and amazing piece of art I have ever seen. No one who gazes at it, and recognizes the work that went into it, is left untouched by it’s beauty and wonder. Thank you for recognizing Joel and his work. gus

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