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More tessellation masks from Joel Cooper

I received an email this morning with 3 more wonderful pieces from Joel Cooper. His origami tessellation 3d masks are really astounding works of art. There are 2 new masks here, as well as a backlit photo of the mask previously shown in this post.

Here they are- click the image for the full-size version.

Origami Tessellation Mask 2a by Joel Cooper

Origami Tessellation Mask 1a by Joel Cooper

Origami Tessellation Mask 4 by Joel Cooper


  1. Administrator says

    I don’t know the answer to that one! Hopefully Joel will chime in at some point and say.

    I always wonder, when I see origami masks, “who” the mask is supposed to be…

  2. Joel Cooper (origami joel) says

    I never know who (or what) the faces will look like until they’re done. The first one I thought at first looked kind of goofy, but I later decided it was actually a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, and now it seems almost, I dunno, “regal”. The second one I was thinking maybe Paul Gauguin, but Klingon Lincoln is probably closer to the mark.

  3. Administrator says

    I’ll buy the Queen on the first one.

    The second one… I don’t know. his face is coming out of a heart-shaped background. maybe it’s Cupid’s slightly more evil older brother?

  4. lidia coronado says

    i have no words … u are a genius… God bless you
    lidia coronado caracas venezuela
    president asociacion de origami de Venezuela

  5. hello friend.
    is verry good…….
    felicidades desde Bolivia

    henrry nicolas delgado
    Origami Bolivia
    GVC – Coop. Ital

  6. timka says

    dude this is like totally pimp i relly liked it. how long did it take you to make one of these?

  7. Miss khan says

    these r vry nice and inovative and i appreciate every kind of art.i dont wanna critise but your work is actually totaly different and unique the fisrt two r nice the third one is so so.but i really appreciate u and wanna say welldone.wish u best luck

  8. justine says

    hi your jobs are Awesome I know that It your own job and maybe you don’t want to share but ,maybe you coudl send me a diagram or instruction or something becuse I NEED on exam and I can’t find enything I desperate please write me back ;

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