Month: January 2006

Flor, with a twist

Flor, with a twist Originally uploaded by Ori-gomi. sometimes you get a pattern in your head and it just won’t go away until you fold it. I had more productive things to do during my lunch break today, but folding this won out instead! you can see the “front side” below.

Origami Tanteidan Tokyo, Jan 2006

Posted in the “Information Corner” of the notes from the January Origami Tanteidan Tokyo meeting: my apologies for the bad babelfish translation. Information corner / Information – Concerning the rigid body folding (crossing over Takahiko) Whether or not from Yamatani’s broken line information which attaches with respect to plane surface, that rigid body folding possibility of the graphic method which decides was thought. After details, being settled as a dissertation, again it announces. (In regard to the rigid body folding, you can read Tom Hull’s article inOrigami Tanteidan magazine 86 and 87. Also you can refer to Tom’s article on his website.) – 3rd diffraction paper engineering research sectional meeting (information: Crossing over Takahiko) It was held at 2005 December 6 Nitto capital industrial university. The Hagiwara research (mechanical engineering), the Nojima research (space engineering), Kuribayasi (the micro mechanism Takeuchi research) with, to engineering field of the Origami Tanteidan. Applied example was announced. Lightweight high intensity core panel and circular membrane of large area ( etc.) The tableware pet bottle & the book shelf etc. …

Triangle Sink Tesselation – Backlit

Triangle Sink Tesselation – Backlit Originally uploaded by Lost Sailor. Lost Sailor, new member of the flickr origami tessellation group, contributed this beautiful example of his variation on the triangular squash twist (or whatever you like to call it!) He folded a previous “proof-of-concept”, which I blogged about a few days ago here. I really enjoy tessellated shapes that have oddball symmetries, and this is one of them. his choice of paper, backlighting, etc is all very well done, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he folds as time goes on. He also shared this crease pattern for this design: click the photo to go to his flickr post discussing this.

links for 2006-01-23 Models with Origami, 折り紙で広がる化学の世界—手のひらの中の化学実験: 本 Yoshihide Momotani’s recent book on Origami (on my wish list!) (tags: Yoshihide Momotani origami molecular 折り紙) Molecular Models with Origami Gilad Aharoni’s review on Yoshihide Momotani’s book, Molecular Models with Origami. (tags: Yoshihide Momotani Origami molecular modular tessellations)