Month: January 2006

links for 2006-01-21

Wingeom, windows geometry software Wingeom, geometry software for windows; works in 2d and 3d. (tags: geometry software geometric mathematics math art) /netlib/voronoi Delaunay and Voronoi generation software. (tags: delaunay voronoi software unix geometry mathematics) Voronoi diagram – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia some background info on voronoi diagrams. (tags: geometry mathematics tessellations) Pandora: Musical Genome Project wonderful project that identifies new, interesting music for you based on other music you already like. Streams this new music for you, free. great site, I already have a decent list of new music to go find! (tags: music genome mp3 preferences newmusic pandora)

Triangle Sink Fold

Triangle Sink Fold Originally uploaded by Lost Sailor. There’s a whole bunch of new photos worth checking out on new-to-flickr folder Lost Sailor‘s photostream. but the one that I like the most (besides all the wonderful backlit tessellations I favorited and bookmarked, of course) is this new, interesting variant on the triangle squash twist. I really, really like this wreath-like non-symmetric shape, and until now I really didn’t have an easy way to fold it. I think now I do! This is just another wonderful thing, proving that the more creative minds you throw together, the better the things that get created. It’s very synergistic, and certainly produces material greater than the sum of it’s parts. Thanks so much, Rich, for posting this and all your other wonderful designs and photos. Like Oschene says: It’s not origami until you share it.

tessellations by Jorge

Jane tipped me off to Jorge’s new tessellations. he folded Fujimoto’s Clover and Hydrangea, two amazingly beautiful tessellations from the original master: And something that made me very happy, two of my designs: They are wonderful, Jorge! welcome to the world of tessellation folding!