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Upcoming book from Tom Hull

Digging around always seems to pay off- I found the LiveJournal page of Thomas Hull, origami mathematician extraordinaire.

He mentions that he has a new book coming out in the spring of 2006, called Project Origami : Activities for Exploring Mathematics.

Here’s a draft version of the cover (thanks, Tom!)

Looking forward to this one!

The summary, via the A K Peters website:

When it comes to mathematics, paper isn’t just for pen and pencil any more! Origami, the art and science of paper folding, can be used to explain concepts and solve problems in mathematics-and not just in the field of geometry. The origami activities collected here also relate to topics in calculus, abstract algebra, discrete mathematics, topology, and more.

Using origami, learn about:

  • Solving Cubic Equations
  • Bucky Balls and PHiZZ units
  • Matrix models for folds
  • Gaussian Curvature and much more!

These activities, which can enhance the classroom experience, also make great independent student projects and are perfect for math clubs or math circles.

and, if you’re a book geek…

ISBN: 1-56881-258-2

242 pages, no less!


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug!

    I really like your blog here, Eric. One of these days I’ll dig up pics of the tessellations I folded a decade ago and put them in your photo pool.

  2. Administrator says

    no need for thanks- just a fan looking forward to this book, and since I had never heard of it’s impending release I thought it was definitely worth mentioning.

    I picked up Origami 3: Third International Meeting of Orgami Science, Mathematics, and Education a while back, and while much of it is painfully over my head it was still a very interesting read.

    I’m certain that having some of your models in the Origami Tessellations photo pool on flickr would go a long way towards raising property values, too!

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