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Joel folds a hat

Lots of new origami content being posted these days on flickr- almost too much to try to keep track of! I have a bunch of backlogged posts, which I will get punched out once I tie up some loose ends at work (work, you know, the thing we do when we aren’t folding?)

However I feel I need to point out Joel Cooper’s Hat model:

I suppose it’s bad that I think of everything in the context of it’s lamp-worthiness; I honestly don’t, but when I see things like this I really can’t avoid it.

I also think this would morph really well into an egg. I’ve been in need of a good tessellated egg for a long time now, so if I can pull it off using this as a base I’ll be deeply indebted to Joel for the insight and inspiration. I still can’t get over how well he folds his work!


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