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Joel folds a hat

Lots of new origami content being posted these days on flickr- almost too much to try to keep track of! I have a bunch of backlogged posts, which I will get punched out once I tie up some loose ends at work (work, you know, the thing we do when we aren’t folding?)

However I feel I need to point out Joel Cooper’s Hat model:

I suppose it’s bad that I think of everything in the context of it’s lamp-worthiness; I honestly don’t, but when I see things like this I really can’t avoid it.

I also think this would morph really well into an egg. I’ve been in need of a good tessellated egg for a long time now, so if I can pull it off using this as a base I’ll be deeply indebted to Joel for the insight and inspiration. I still can’t get over how well he folds his work!


  1. Kevin says

    this is amazing…
    wow i always am and always will be at the time that people invest in these things…
    i spend alot of time too but not THAT much…

  2. Administrator says

    I’m guessing that Joel probably can fold things like this relatively quickly, since he’s folded this kind of stuff for several years now. with practice and repetition comes increased speed and accuracy.

    I know that after a year of folding primarily tessellations, my own speed and ability to line things up quickly have improved quite a bit. Still, I’ve got a long way to go to get to Joel’s level of folding skill!

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