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tessellated origami lamp


Originally uploaded by freeflyfrog77.

new flickr folder freeflyfrog77 created this beautiful lamp out of a 5-foot sheet of paper!

watching the build process on this is fascinating- make sure to read the notes, too. here’s the description of how it was designed:

I used a piece of paper from a roll we have at work (kids draw on it off an easel). I liked the stiffness of it. I used a yard stick and ruler to score all the folds before hand. With a little pressure the paper just “popped” into its fold. It required fine tuning at the points though. As for the pattern it is actually really simplistic. I took a piece of paper one pleat wide and simply folded it to a shape I liked the profile of the lamp to be. I then transferred it on to the paper flipping the angles every pleat…The clincher I think was the scoring. I did it with a mechanical pencil tip with no lead in it. I went through in a few spots due to over pressure but nothing a spot of tape can’t fix.

you can see the whole project photo set here: Lamp Project.

Finally inside out

Inside the red monster

The final stages (Day 3)


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