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tessellation applet

Trying to figure out some tessellations; I found a really convenient tool for tiling.

well, somewhat convenient- I’d really prefer a more rigid location mechanism, but right now I’ll take what I can get.

If someone out there can explain to me how to accomplish this sort of thing in Mathematica, I’d be deeply indebted to you.


oh! the applet is located here.


  1. John Bacus says

    I think the Mathematica functions you want are found in the DiscreteMath > ComputationalGeometry package. There is a nice function (VoronoiDiagram) that generates a voronoi diagram for a list of points. Hope this helps-


  2. Administrator says

    Thanks for the help, John- tried it out just now and it works like a charm.

    now to do some legwork on getting the patterns I want as a dataset!


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