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Joel Cooper makes the April 2006 BOS magazine cover!

Saw this preview thanks to Sajid Khan of Origami BBS fame.

He just got back from the BOS Spring 2006 convention, and had this preview image of the April 2006 BOS magazine- who is that on the cover!?

It’s Joel Cooper’s model Mask 8a, (which I keep calling Nebuchanezzar, although I don’t know what he prefers it to be called.)

Here’s the real deal:

mask 8a

Congratulations, Joel!


  1. Administrator says

    I’m delighted that you were able to give him some exposure, too- I think he’s been working in obscurity for far too long.

    I’d really like to see his work in a gallery, or a museum- I think it really belongs there!

    -Eric Gjerde

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