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Tessellations by Danilo from Chile

Danilo from Origami Chile sent me these wonderful photos. Apparently they set up an exhibition in the main library in Santiago, Chile last friday (3/31). It sounds like this piece started out as a .7m x 3m sheet of Kraft paper, and ended up as a 45cm x 1.45m final work- that’s really big!

Danilo did a wonderful job of folding this- he credited me on the name plate for it, but I know for a fact that Fujimoto (and many, many others) have folded it before I did. It’s a natural folding pattern for a tessellation of diamond shapes based on equilateral triangles.

This highlights the importance of sharing ideas and images, though- I don’t know if Danilo has ever seen those other works, and I know that I didn’t see any of them until recently. So it’s important to share knowledge, everyone!

Thanks again Danilo for sending these photos- it’s a wonderful job you did folding this, and I’m very happy to see tessellations in a public display!


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