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Tessellation Expo update

We’re coming into the last two days of the Tessellation Exposition here in Brasília, and it’s been a really fun week so far. I think these last two days will see a good amount of visitors- we have done a number of different press interviews, and were mentioned in the paper, etc. so I’m really hoping it pulls in some more foot traffic. All in all, I’ve been quite pleased with the whole event, even with a lot of last-minute changes, Andy Wilson’s pieces not showing up until 1 hour before the opening, and so on!

We’ve taken a lot of pictures, which will take me several days to sort through. I had really wanted to give a better “day by day” update of what was happening but the internet access here has conspired against that possibility.

One of the last items we’re talking about is the creation of an “official” expo booklet, with photos, information, and a selection of diagrams and/or CPs from the event. We’ve narrowed down the selection of items to be included but will still have some more decisions to make later on, so there will be more on this in the next few weeks. (I’ve got a lot of work waiting for me back in Minneapolis…)

Joel Cooper fans will be interested to know that he folded the largest mask he has ever made yet, rushing to complete it right up until the opening- it is larger than life size, and quite an impressive piece. I think it may be staying here in Brazil, but that’s unknown at this point in time. I hope all the pictures we took of this piece will be worthwhile for you as it is one of the most detailed things I have seen from him to date.

Watch this space for more updates, probably later on next week when I’m back in the US and properly rested!



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