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Ramin Razani’s Livre Anémomètre (Wind Gauge)

Jeff Rutzky sent me a photo and video of this wonderful design by Ramin Razani, which will be appearing in Rutzky’s upcoming book Kirigami (by Barnes and Noble Inc, 2007).

I’m a big fan of paper arts, not just origami- and we like to cut paper around our house, just as much as folding it. Ever since we picked up a CraftROBO a few months back there’s been a lot of time wastedwell spent on making paper architecture and other fun things.

I’m really looking forward to buying a copy of this book- the patterns I’ve seen so far are just excellent!

Check out Jeff’s Flickr stream for more kirigami goodness.

For this model by Razani, the best part is the action- I had no idea it would do this! So simple yet beautiful!

Ramin Razani's Livre Anémomètre (Wind Gauge)


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