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Sliceform Torus

I saw this amazing sliceform torus on YouTube, thanks to a link from Jorge Jaramillo (commented on this great set of sliceforms by Joan Michaels Paque.) I shouldn’t be browsing around Flickr, as I’m on a self-imposed Flickr hiatus, but Sunday’s a day of rest, so I treated myself to a few minutes of browsing 🙂

The coolest part of the video is the way the model folds flat and pops back into 3D!

The creator of this fantastic sliceform says this, on the YouTube commentary:

This torus has been made as a Sliceform.

It is a paper model made from two sets of slices of the torus.
It folds flat because the intersection of each set of slices acts as a hinge.
The slices are cut so that one set includes the Villarceau circles.
For more on Sliceforms do a web search with Google.
See for books of models to cut out and ways to explore the mathematics of surfaces using Sliceforms.

Check it out, it’s worth a look. Lots of great people are doing sliceform stuff these days [1][2][3], maybe it’s time to give it a go?

If you’re looking to get started into Sliceforms, most definitely check out this website:

It covers what they are, how they are made, has templates for downloading, the whole thing. This is definitely a great opportunity to put a CraftROBO to work…

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