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Amazing russian origami tessellations

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and go check out these tessellations!

On the Russian LiveJournal Origamic Architecture group, which includes previous OT fave tekuila as a member…

Oh, how much I wish that I remembered more Russian! Time to dig out my dictionaries and brush up, because this LJ group seems to be full of some amazing things!

UPDATE: Alex from the O-list helps out, and says:

They are all university assignments, some made to original CPs and some
to anonymous CPs found in the college. I don’t know what college, but
the Chair is of Communicative Design, according to comments.

This makes me wonder what kind of classes they are teaching? I would love to take classes like that, for sure…


  1. Looks like they’ve banned hotlinking to the images.

    I really like the intersecting triangles (second one down on the linked page). This is definitely something I’d like to try!

  2. I fixed the hotlinks, and grabbed the images for local hosting. (I don’t like hotlinking, but I also feel bad about swiping people’s images- it’s a trade off on which is less polite, sometimes.)

    Yeah, there is some fascinating stuff there, I’m looking to find out some more information about these!

  3. umbra_umbra says

    The College is The Belorussian State Univercity 😉
    p.s. Thank you for attention

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