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Jeff Rutzky at NYC Resistor!

My friend Jeff Rutzky stopped by the NYC Resistor workshop to share his detailed knowledge about all things CraftROBO. (For those of you not in the know – it’s a computer controlled cutting device made by Graphtec, and while it is sold for things like scrapbooking use the enterprising designer/artist/geek uses it for all sorts of fantastic uses. I’m a proud owner of one, and it’s been a lot of fun!)

Jeff specifically showed them some of his special techniques for making complex folding models out of polypropylene:

(this is one of his best secrets – when he explained this method to me I was just amazed. We made all sorts of cool stuff by using this technique!)

Jeff went to the event after talking with Bre Pettis, all-around-Maker-extraordinaire; here’s a shot of the setup from his flickr photostream:

And a shot of all the kids watching the fun, compliments of littlegreenfroggy:

I’m really pleased to see someone bridging the gap between the often-insular origami community and the geek-community-at-large – there’s tons of fantastic stuff to be done, and the more people involved the merrier. We need more talented technically-adept geeks to be involved with origami, because that’s how innovation happens!

(ps: 8/8/8! hope you all did something lucky today!)



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