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Photo pages update

not a huge deal, just upgraded to the latest version of FAlbum (0.6.4, in case you’re interested).

It directly ties your flickr pages and photos into your WordPress blog, which just works amazingly well. It’s had a bunch of new features and updates installed, including permalink-friendly titling options, photo size choosing just like Flickr, the ability to add/change comments and titles from the web pages directly, etc.

If you’re using WordPress at all, it’s really worth using. I highly recommend it.

(And my apologies to the swedish reader who was browsing through all the photos! I cut you off mid-browse. Sorry about that. It should be all better now.)


Tessellations Galore @ Orimeeting in Santiago

Jose posted this large gallery of photos from the recent Orimeeting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The best part, though? He put up another whole section of tessellation photos! There are some really beautiful ones in here, including quite a few that I have never seen before- designed by people I have never heard of. Time for me to start doing some research!

Tessellation Gallery Link

Folding the Impossible, redux

tessellated stars

tessellated stars, by Origomi

Took the “impossible” folding routine to a larger scale, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Rest assured, though, that I won’t be incorporating cutting into my future work- I think this was a one-time thing just to satisfy my desire to see this pattern realized in paper.

And, as always, something new was discovered in the folding of this, which hopefully will allow me to achieve some previously unobtainable goals.

Happy folding!

links for 2006-02-25

The 14 Different Types of Convex Pentagons that Tile the Plane

Posting this, as several people have been playing around with pentagons lately:

The 14 Different Types of Convex Pentagons that Tile the Plane (at

a wonderful set of visual examples of the 14 known tilings.

I found (re-found?) this site, from another site I have bookmarked- Marjorie Rice’s pentagonal tessellation page:

worth looking at as well, especially this design…