easy origami links, and blog template changeups…

I really, really don’t like blogs. web pages I like, but the whole “blog” concept with a gazillion useless tacky bits on the page annoys me.

So since my previous template was geting stranger and stranger in how it didn’t work, I’m cheating and just pasting in someone else’s nicely pre-made template. my bad. I don’t think the 2 people who even look at this site care that much 🙂

Seriously though, a lot of you keep coming here because you’re doing google searches for “origomi” instead of “origami”. I’d suggest the following links:
money origami
Bob Nienhuis’s money origami page easy origami tutorials
Origami Underground (origami models for adults only)
British Origami Society
Marc Kirschenbaum’s Origami Page tells you how to make an origami crane
Meenakshi’s huge page of modular origami diagrams
Sarah’s (of megatokyo fame) origami site’s links (many of the same sites, and several more for instructions

Hope that helps you get started down the road to some easy origami folding!

If you are looking for origami tessellations and more complex origami, take a look at the links in the righthand “links” column!