Month: November 2005

Jane’s 3d star

Estrela 3DOriginally uploaded by mawelucky. Jane (mawelucky on flickr) takes her great new innovative star collapse to new heights here. I can’t say enough about how cool this particular fold is- she had sent me a similar fold previously, which was also ingenious in this same way. it’s really some new and different thinking on the problem, and it just goes to show that many people looking at the same thing see it differently. so now all of us who fold 3/6 tessellations have yet another great move to add into the mix! I suggest you folks give this a try- ask Jane to email you her nice instructional document!

The Fitful Flog: The Three Card Monte

The Fitful Flog: The Three Card Monte Philip has a seriously cool “wallet” fold, which gives you a hexagonal folding wallet which holds several ID cards/credit cards/whatever. The best part, of course, is that his final version looks like a set of playing cards! now that’s just crossing the line into utter geek cool factor. (or at least in my opinion.) well, really the bestest (yes, I said bestest) part is that he took the barcodes from his frequent purchaser cards and printed them onto the thing, so he doesn’t even need to carry those things around with him. He’s got CP’s posted; they look swell using Adobe Acrobat Reader on my PC, but they are non-visible using Preview on my Mac (10.4.3). ack! great work! thanks for sharing! oh, and they are CC licensed, so you don’t have to worry about the origami harpies chasing you down and hounding you for giving away the CP to people. double great!

industrial origami

Industrial origami Found via future feeder. very interesting process; looks like they have devised some methods for folding things from a single piece of sheet metal, including things like jack stands, boxes, 1U server chassis, etc. I’d love to watch the folding process for some of these, especially if it is completely roboticized.

interesting and odd japanese blog

house dust did some searching on technorati for Yuko Nishimura and I found that future feeder posted a link! great to see the word being spread. followed another link, and saw this blog which had not only a nishimura photo, but a photo from my flickr account! that was pretty pleasing to see, even if I can’t understand anything on the page. It’s like a linkfest blog of cool and interesting things; reminds me a bit of the Akihabara watch blog. I like gadgets, so it’s now on my RSS “watchlist” !