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Identify me?

I received an email from Florent, looking to identify this origami design and hopefully find diagrams for it.

It looks like a modular piece, but with a rather unique folding structure; somewhat like a hexagonal rose.

While I am obsessed with geometric origami and lighting, I can’t say that I know the creator of this piece… anyone out there have an idea? contact me.

UPDATE: I queried the Origami-L mailing list, and got many useful replies from people who have identified it. the most concise is here, from Sky:

Aperture – folded paper by Claire Norcross.

Claire Norcross has created lampshade designs that give different light
patterns depending on how they are folded.
She also gives lessons in origami in design.

She taught this lamp a while ago at The Hub in UK –


Thanks also to Mark Bolitho and Peter Mielke for the tip-off and the link:

hexagonal rose light 2

hexagonal rose light 1



  1. Administrator says

    Well, if it can be folded out of business cards, I have a whole stack of them that need to be tossed. maybe it will give me something to do with them…

    I was thinking of using pieces of thin white PVC, because it is heat resistant and commonly used for lampshades (like all the Le Klint models).

    I think it depends on the complexity involved, of course. PVC isn’t a very friendly folding material, nor is it very forgiving.

  2. I have the patron for the pieces, but i think they used a glue or something to put the pieces together…

  3. Florent says

    I did build that lamp shade also myself: forget the business cards and the thin whitePVc, it won’t work. use rather a thick but fold-friendly paper.. and yes, the single folded elements have to be glued or anyhow fixed together. if you want more detailed infos write me..

  4. Rachel says

    Hi guys,

    Do you have the pattern or any diagrams I could use to try and assemble one of these? I love these funky lights.

  5. martin says

    @ Florent — I would love to get some more detailed info on how to make this lamp – could you email it to me? in yr post you said “write me…” but somehow i can’t figure out how to email you directly, can’t seem to find any contact info.
    cheers, martin

  6. Hopefully Florent doesn’t get too upset- here’s the email address.






    The design for this lamp is by Claire Norcross, but there’s precious little information out there about her- so I don’t know if you can buy this lamp anywhere. I’d appreciate it if anyone reading this who knows more information would be kind enough to drop a short note telling us more about it!

    If you wanted to make it yourself, the design isn’t that hard to figure out- it’s a lot like modular origami, really, so maybe find a couple of books on that topic and go from there… then you could create your own design, which is even more fun than re-making someone else’s existing pattern!

  7. George says

    The pendant is called Aperture and is available from Habitat.
    Chech their website for more information: it costs £60 in the UK.
    It looks amazing when lit up.
    Don’t make your own copy instead buy it from Habitat in that way patronising Claire Norcross that came up with the concept, in the first place. Show some respect to the creator.

  8. claire says

    Just found this site as was vainly googling myself!
    Was intrigued about the comments, really glad people like it. It has been one of Habitat’s best sellers.
    Was interesting that people would want to make their own, I have made a few and believe me they are a bit fiddly! don’t bother , just buy one!
    Thanks for your last comment George! I am on a royalty for this one so the more you buy then I might get to take my mum on holiday next year!
    Thanks claire

  9. Okemini Oti says

    I love Origami. But I particularly love the curvy and creative lamp shades by Claire Norcross. I am an undergraduate student at Middlesex University.

    I’m currently working on a promotional booklet for Claire Norcross. The problem is that I can’t find Claire’s contact details online.
    I would be grateful if someone e-mails me the contact details for Claire Norcross.

    Kind regards,


  10. claire says

    Hi O.L.Oti
    Should have a web holding page up soon…will let you know when.
    Best Regards

  11. I fell in love with this lamp shade and wanted to go out and buy it . However I live in The Netherlands and Habitat told me they do not send parcels to my country. I was hoping then to find the pattern for this lampshade on the web and while googling found this page. If anyone could explain the basic pattern to me I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance,


  12. Don says

    Please i have been trying to find diagrams for this lamp PLEASE can any one help !!!!!!!

  13. I have made an origami lampshade but i am not sure of the best way to connect it to a lamp base or from a hanging pendant, can anyone help or has anyone any ideas?

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