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Peter Budai’s “Flammifer”

I found this interesting design on Galen Pickett’s website, in one of the rather hidden(1) galleries(2) he has full of origami goodies.

Peter Budai's Flammifer 1Peter Budai's Flammifer 2Peter Budai's Flammifer 3Peter Budai's Flammifer 4

It’s a model called “Flammifer” by Peter Budai, who I had never heard of until seeing this model. Here’s a great little writeup by David Lister from a few years back about him.

What I thought was the most interesting thing about this design is that I’ve folded something very similar to this, but with hexagonal instead of triangular square symmetry; but in all other respects it matches the doubling dual-sided pattern exactly.

I had thought about trying to fold this, since I know it’s possible, but I’m very pleased to see that it has been done and solved long ago!

Thank you, Galen, for posting all your wonderful photos online, and sharing some of your origami world with the rest of us.

And thanks also to Peter Budai for the wonderful design. I think this is a natural outgrowth from a very interesting line of origami exploration by Peter- he calls them “Infinite Folds“. this one is just 4 of these “infinite folds” put together. Many of these could no doubt be combined in the same way, and folded to a (theoretical) infinite level of recursion. Fantastic.

edit: fixed the typo. meant to say square instead of triangular. oops.


  1. Mélisande says

    Absolutely amazing that your star twist 2 and Budai’s flammifer share similar design !
    I’ve seen G. Pickett galeries last year ( where I took Escher staircase), but didn’t make the link.

    Peter Budai has interesting stuff on his site ; he is a talented diagrammer too. I bought his 2 books by chance in Paris, they are written in hungarian and english, edited by an unknown german publisher…

    But I don’t know what Budai is doing now. No website update for years, his email address probably wrong, I wrote to him last year, because one of my model (lid with hearts) is a variation of his, but no answer.

    In case he is no more active in origami creation, it’s a great loss for the community.

  2. Oren Gila says

    Peter Budai is realy a wonderfull designer.
    When I’ve just started to be interested in origami I baught two exelent books writen by him:
    Origami Without borders .
    Play With paper.
    The two books are writen in Hungarian and every sentence is transleted to english.Actualy one of my first tesselation was of his.
    Another early fold I’ve done.

    I love his books.His explenation are very good ,as you can see in his website.

  3. Administrator says

    I didn’t find much current information either, but I was also impressed to find that he is 3 years younger than me. and to have been a published origami author at 12! very amazing.

    Thanks for the comments! I’m glad to know more about him. his infinite folds are really very intellectually stimulating for me. I’ll have to keep an eye out for more news on him and his work.

  4. A few comments:
    (1) I’m pretty sure that this model was also previously discovered by Shuzo Fujimoto. It is a natural extension of crossed boxed pleats.
    (2) Eric, I find it interesting that you say that this model has triangular symmetry. I look at it as based on squares.
    (3) As for Peter Budai: indeed the email address on his website is incorrect. The last time I spoke with him he was still a student. He did his bachelor’s degree in environmental studies. I think he is pursuing a graduate degree now. He still does origami (creatively), but he doesn’t have as much time as he used to.
    (For some reason this happens to many people at college; I’m not sure why).
    (4) Eric, how old are you? For some reason I thought you were in your 40’s.

  5. Administrator says

    (2) oops! that was a typo. I was thinking about something else. it is indeed based on a square. I actually tried to fold this same concept with triangular symmetry, but it doesn’t work (or at least not as much as I tried, anyway.)

    (4) I’m 27 years old.

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