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Paper architecture by Ingrid Siliakus

Paperarchitecture by Ingrid Siliakus

I saw a post on Papierfalten mentioning Ingrid Siliakus’ new website []. She’s one of my favorite paper artists, who has extremely refined designs in paper architecture (also known as origamic architecture, although she prefers the former to the latter).

My favorite feature on her new site is this:

White Book

White Book is a gallery of work inspired by the novel Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It’s a fictional novel set historically in the Chicago 1893 World’s Fair. My wife read this book and absolutely loved it, as well as several of our friends. I can’t wait to show her these amazing images. I think, however, they are supremely impressive in their own right, and I enjoy them just for the amount of new and fresh ideas they bring the genre. The artistic expression and lack of symmetry both really make the images jump out of the page (well, more than they already do, that is.)

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us, Ingrid. It’s wonderful.

(Ingrid and her work previously featured on this site here and here.)

(removed picture links, please visit Ingrid’s site to see them. thanks!)

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