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organic lamp


Originally uploaded by mawelucky.

I promise that I don’t fixate on lamps all the time, honest.

I just really like lights, and created sculptures lit from within. Always have, actually, even when I was a little kid.

Thanks for the photos, Jane!

UPDATE: Jane says she got the instructions here, and also uploaded photos from a magazine (in Portuguese) here.
here’s another shot of it:


  1. Kevin says

    wow i saw a similar photo of this its very very cool
    are there instructions to the whirly one?

  2. Administrator says

    Jane said that she and her brother increased the sizes of the material, which caused it to be more “whirly” than the original plan.

    I’d suggest commenting on her flickr photos- she’s very nice, and will most likely get back to you with more info!

  3. Hey man, I was just searching through your site and decided to load the RSS feed, but it isn’t working in my webbrowser (I’m viewing it with Opera) any specific way to get around that?

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