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Origami Convention, 1

Joel, Oschene, and Joseph Wu

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A wonderful experience. still trying to process everything, will do some nicer writeups (and image uploading/fixing on Flickr) once I’m back from NYC at the end of the week.

Here’s Joel Cooper, Joseph Wu, and Philip Chapman-Bell (aka Oschene).

I just realized that between the 4 of us, they all have better beard/mustache combos than I do.

Next year I’m going to have to double my efforts if I want to compete!


  1. I couldn’t stop noticing how many of those combos there were at that convention… I felt like I was back in the computer science lab!

  2. Ray, I think there’s a significant overlap between the origami convention attendees and residents of a computer science lab- quite a large shared population between the two.

    That, and math geeks, of course.

    as a computer science geek I feel it is only requisite that I represented my non-attending fellow geeks by wearing the most beard I can manage…

    and Joseph, I got a vibe that you normally have long hair- is that the case? you made a reference to cutting it all off, and all the caricatures I have seen by Lars have you depicted with long flowing locks!

    Regardless, it was wonderful to meet all of you, bearded or otherwise.

  3. I used to be a CS geek, too… 🙂 However, the beard is amore recent development.

    I haven’t had long flowing locks since my undergrad days. My hair’s too thick to wear it long for long…it gets too hot! These days I prefer it short. It’s just that I putt getting it cut sometimes.

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