Month: June 2006

Works In Progress

Works In Progress Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Flickr description text below, with more as a chaser! My first tessellation design, “spread hexagon”, being folded from some larger paper. Also, modified “negative space” stars, inspired by mosque tilings and my pursuit of pretty things. Both items to be displayed at the OUSA convention in June, and the Brasilia tessellation expo in July. Huge thanks to my good friend Jane for the precreased paper for this- without her help I would be in over my head right now! So, I’ve been doing a lot of folding lately trying to get some halfway decent pieces together for the 2006 OUSA Convention. I decided that I would fold up my first tessellation design, the “spread hexagon” tessellation, just because I’ve always been happy with it as a simple and pleasing pattern. It also doesn’t require backlighting or anything else complex from a viewing perspective, so that’s always a good thing. I suppose I should really be folding a larger version of it, but just folding this one- made out …

NYC Watch Out!

NYC Watch Out! Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. … because I’m coming to town! Going to be visiting the Origami Convention at the FIT from June 23-25, and then doing some work stuff until the 1st. If you’ve got suggestions on things to see, places to eat, or if you feel like meeting up and telling me what a geek I am in person, now’s a good time for it! I’ll (hopefully) have a decent display of my work at the OUSA convention exhibition during the weekend of the 24-25th, and I think it might be free to look around. By all means stop by if you have a chance. -Eric UPDATE : Rich says the following: Public Access is 10:30-12pm, 2:30-4:30pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Just a heads up on the timing! Come by and check it out!

Joel Cooper’s Pentagons and Negative Stars

I posted a CP of Joel Cooper’s very impressive piece titled “Pentagons and Negative Stars”, folded back in March. He drew out a CP for the design and posted it on his Flickr page, and with his permission I have recreated it as a PDF in vector format. For more details, go to the download page: