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New Version of Tess, Alex Bateman’s origami tessellation software

Alex Bateman has released a new version of his landmark software, Tess.

Tess allows you to create all sorts of tilings, and modifications of those tilings- so you can explore possibilities without having to fold it all out in paper, first! Also, this new version provides PDF export capability, which is a major plus for windows users.

Tess is a Perl application, and will run on any Perl-capable system with a bit of tweaking. (This means you, Linux/FreeBSD/MacOSX users.) Or, if you’re running windows, you can download a standalone version, which will run on it’s own without requiring any Perl resources. Both of these are available to download from Alex’s website.

Download the latest version of Tess!


  1. anyhope for Tess being available for Mac users ? even a beta version ?


  2. yeah, it works on the Mac – that’s what I run it on, being a big unix geek (who likes shiny stuff!)

    So, I’ll try to figure out a way to package it up for mac people- because trying to make it work the “normal” way is not very Mac friendly. (no knock on Alex here, it’s just that most Mac users don’t like to install Perl Tk modules and whatnot…)

    Umm… so I’ll see what I can dig up on the topic!

  3. Soraya says

    hi there, umm i’ve downloaded the software to my mac but this software opens thru Adobe Go Live CS on my system (I have a G5). Obviously it’s not running the way its supposed to!

    Need help! 🙂

  4. Well, unfortunately there’s a lot of work required to make it run on the Mac :/ it doesn’t really run without the full developer tools installed, and a bunch of custom modules, etc. It was a little tricky for me to get it running properly, and I work with this junk for a living.

    I’m hoping to make a standalone version for the mac, but I’m not quite sure yet how I would do that- my programming tools have an updated version that runs on Mac OS X, so maybe I’ll be able to get that sorted out here in a few months or so.


  5. Soraya says

    Okie dokie.. thanks for the advice.. i’ll bug u in a few months again 😉

  6. emancdf says

    As Eric said, installing tess is NOT an easy click and drag task but that’s one of the beauty of it.
    To get the previous version working on my G4 laptop I had to do a lot of tweaking. I think that to get it working, I installed fink and finkcommander , then perlTK and maybe something else.
    Also the 2 files and might need to be altered a bit because perl might not reside where it is said in the first line of the perl script but the path could be found under terminal with the command “which perl”.
    Also , with (which is the command line user interface) , you’ll save the doc as a meaning a postcript doc. I use Graphic Converter which opens the ps doc and let me convert it to a pdf doc.

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