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Buckminster Fuller Quote – Poster Offensive 4

I was contacted by a local designer, Peet Fetsch, about using some of my work in a poster design for the fourth annual Poster Offensive exhibition.

As he was planning on using a quote from Buckminster Fuller, one of my personal heroes, I was quite interested. I’m so pleased with how this turned out.

I had a great time seeing it in the gallery – it’s always a blast to see something of yours on display, even if it is just background imagery for a Bucky quote!

It’s also intriguing to me how other people find the crease lines in this work to be the real focal point… I’m always fixated on the folding process, but with this piece in particular the unfolded crease lines add something to the piece as a whole, and for many people it’s what they focus on. Most people seem to think it is pen or pencil, which makes me chuckle a little bit. When I explain it’s all just folded lines, they don’t always believe me. 🙂

The original work of mine can be seen here:

Octagonal Star Geometric Progression, (backlit) 3 of 3


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