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Exhibition piece in progress

dragon helix, work in progress

I’ve been working on this piece for the last month or so; it’s a huge version of my Dragon Helix design.

I first started folding this pattern years ago, creating a 6 meter long strip of folded paper for it. Sadly it was from Tyvek, which turned out to be too soft to fold properly, and the entire thing was a loss. Ever since then I have wanted to fold it correctly, and realize it in full form.

This work will be on display at the Salon Resonance[s], a large art exhibition in Strasbourg, France on November 9-12 of this year. It will be at least 10 meters long for the exhibition space, potentially longer. I just hope my hands will hold out! It’s been more than a kilometer of creasing done so far.

I enjoy playing with my art while folding; here’s a photo of me that I just had to share with everyone. It seems to be a trend for me these days to always wear my origami on my head…

Eric with some Dragon Helix modules


here is the downloadable crease pattern for the Dragon Helix, in PDF format. As always, licensed with a Creative Commons License!


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