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Holland Paper Biennale 2012

I am participating as one of the artists in the Holland Paper Biennale 2012, at the Museum Rijswijk in the Hague, Netherlands. It opens September 4th and runs until November 25th.

I’m very excited to be a part of this exhibition; it’s my first show that’s focused on paper arts at large, and not specifically origami. I’m particularly interested to see what papermakers and paper artists think about my bio-paper. It represents quite a bit of research and work, and I hope they find it as fascinating as I do!

From the press release for the Paper Biennale:

Origami works with sculptural eloquence in two individual styles. (…) A background in technology and a passion for paper are united in the geometrically folded creations of Eric Gjerde. In his most recent work he experiments with paper produced by bacteria.

I will be at the opening September 1st, at the Museum Meermanno, and again at the opening on the 2nd, at the Museum Rijswijk. I look forward to meeting paper artists and friends there! I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience.

See the photo gallery attached to this post to view some of the works I’ve sent in for the exhibition.


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