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Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds

Origami for All Giveaway

Sara Adams, prolific origami video creator and teacher, is running an origami giveaway – deadline July 13th. The prize: a free copy of our new book, Origami for All! Sara has been a big supporter of our new book and we’re very grateful for her kind words and enthusiasm. Please check out her contest and join in, the prize is fantastic 🙂

Rapid Folding

Creating some background footage for a video presentation at an upcoming event- here’s two of the test clips, showing the folding of two different projects at 20x speed. I’m particularly fascinated by the sounds of all the paper crinkling and creasing at high speed, it’s an odd sound and very interesting.

stop-motion video of origami tessellation folding

Folding MĂ©lisande’s Bird-Base Stars Originally uploaded by EricGjerde I have a lot of superfluous photos from the book writing/documenting process – including many extra photos from the step-by-step photo shoots for the various projects included. So here’s a bunch of them for the model “Bird Base Stars”, by my good friend MĂ©lisande (or also MĂ©lisande* on Flickr.) She graciously gave me permission to use this design in the book, along with a few other delightful patterns as well. Nothing serious here, I just like to look at the way the pictures flow when I look at them in Aperture or flick through them on my computer, and I thought I’d try to share the same perspective with you. Funny thing about this model: I folded this version (the easy one) and then a larger, more complex model from the same paper, and that beautiful blue just rubbed off all over my hands! between photographs I had to wipe my hands clean with rubbing alcohol. It looked like I was turning into a Smurf. I hope …

Paul Jackson Corrugated Surface video

Paul Jackson, one of my favorite paper artists, put together this wonderful five minute video on making a corrugated paper surface: Paul is, of course, the master of this sort of folding, along with many other styles (see his website linked above for many beautiful examples). There’s been a good amount of interest in this style of folding lately, which I can’t talk about without mentioning my friend Ray Schamp, or his great Flickr group, Origami Corrugations. As someone heavily biased towards origami tessellations, I have a strong affinity towards this style of folding- tessellators see a lot of pleats, and it’s a rare day when I do not succumb to the pleasure of twisting pleats around to make interesting shapes and structures. (who can avoid it? If you haven’t tried, fold some pleats and try it sometime…) Footnote: check out Paul’s introductory video about himself and his work.

Ramin Razani’s Livre AnĂ©momètre (Wind Gauge)

Jeff Rutzky sent me a photo and video of this wonderful design by Ramin Razani, which will be appearing in Rutzky’s upcoming book Kirigami (by Barnes and Noble Inc, 2007). I’m a big fan of paper arts, not just origami- and we like to cut paper around our house, just as much as folding it. Ever since we picked up a CraftROBO a few months back there’s been a lot of time wastedwell spent on making paper architecture and other fun things. I’m really looking forward to buying a copy of this book- the patterns I’ve seen so far are just excellent! Check out Jeff’s Flickr stream for more kirigami goodness. For this model by Razani, the best part is the action- I had no idea it would do this! So simple yet beautiful!