Month: April 2005

hexagons from square

hexagons from square Originally uploaded by fo.ol. fo.ol on flickr folded a really spectacular hexagonal array- this is some nice paper, and the result is fantastic. definitely a fave! from a distance they almost look like pinwheels.

Faberge questions

Owesen asks: Or are you aiming for the full deal, with two-headed eagles galore? to which I reply: the full deal with two-headed eagles! that would just be insane. maybe in 10 years from now. Right now, I’m looking at getting a good egg shape. I figure if I can get that working, everything else can be done from there. I’ve started playing around with an octagonal base, but I might need more points to do what I’m trying to do here… I’m thinking I can incorporate some swirls from a star-like base to give me the crossing grid on the egg. If I can get something on the intersections that looks like a diamond, hexagon, star, etc that’s a big plus. I plan on folding one and then making some patterned paper to give me the “look” of the egg. any extra details I can do are all just icing on the cake. as far as the egg opening, I thought of using two pieces of paper and finding a way to link them …


So, I have two challenges going on right now… there’s a challenge to reimplement the crossed box pleat to get more surface area out of it- I thought this would be relatively easy but I’m rusty at straight box-pleating, and it’s much trickier than I thought. after making some attempts I’m letting it sit for a bit to percolate in the back of my mind. I’m also looking to come up with a unique version of it, which I’m not going to talk about until I get further with it- I’m hoping it comes out like I’ve visioned, but we’ll see. My other challenge is folding a representation of a Faberge egg. I have a friend here at work who is a huge fan of russian imperialism, especially the Faberge egg collection. She’s lent a nice photo book to me, so I’m having a go at folding a rather simplistic effort to start. If I can get a basic egg shape, I think I can go from there (with grafts and pleats and all manner …

new triangle tessellation

new triangle tessellation Originally uploaded by Origomi. I was fiddling around with triangles again, and I broke down and started using some 30 degree angles as well as the normal 60 degree folds. this was a bit of a change, as I had previously been operating in some sort of weird purist mentality- I was trying to find everything that I could do with a very restrictive set of limitations, and slowly build on that. While I haven’t found every basic fold that I can do with 60 degree angles, I think I understand enough about what I can and can’t do with the folds to branch out a bit from here. I personally find strict limitations to be a positive thing at times, as it keeps the whole continuum of possibilities at bay- and allows you to focus more on what you *can* do with what you have. I think it helps you to hone your chops, so to speak. but anyhow, back to this fold- I folded the peaks on this in a …

patterned “spread” hex tile fold

patterned "spread" hex tile fold Originally uploaded by Origomi. I refolded my basic “spread” hex fold using some nice patterned paper. since the paper actually had hexagonal patterns on it, it basically was calling me. and it said “fold me already, never mind that the lines printed on me aren’t exactly even. it’s fine, it won’t be troublesome at all”. …yeah. regardless, it came out nicely, although my photo skills leave a bit to be desired. but that’s always what you get when you do a bit of do-it-yourself. I actually uploaded a pretty large copy of this image to flickr, and ate up 12 percent of my monthly usage limit. eek!