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Alex Bateman’s Tess program

Alex Bateman wrote a swell perl script/app a while back called “Tess”, located here. it works quite well when you run it on a mac (providing you have the appropriate perl libraries installed from CPAN or elsewhere) but it really doesn’t run all that well on a windows PC, unless you go through a lot of setup. most of those steps are quite honestly a bit beyond most people, and since I have a commercial Perl compiler environment available to me I made a standalone application that runs on any windows PC.

I’ve contacted Alex, in the hopes that I’ll be able to get him to post it on his site. I can’t accurately discover the licensing that he released his program under, so I’m not distributing it to anyone until I get some feedback from him.

Here’s a screenshot of Tess running under windows:

currently it still outputs to postscript, and I have no interest in changing that unless I’m sure the licensing supports me modifying anything. I’d probably integrate some sort of ps2pdf type functionality, as PDF is pretty universal. of course, if you’re using a mac, it just opens up postscript documents in Preview no problem…

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