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new photo gallery on

I put up a photo gallery on which is located here. It’s about 150 photos of various origami things, most of which I’ve posted to my flickr account and some which I haven’t. I usually end up taking about 20 photos of any given piece, and most of those don’t go onto flickr since there’s such a tight size restriction.

This is really a testing page for the gallery, as I’m not terribly enthused about it at the moment. I’ve been using and abusing HTML since about 1993, but it’s never been something I’ve enjoyed a whole lot. I’m looking for a push-button tool that makes things look pretty without a lot of effort!

Anyway, lots of origami tessellations and hexagons, triangles, squares, and stars to check out there. I’ve got the first page of my draft document done for a piece on origami tessellations! I’m happy to make some progress.

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