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Paper Mosaics (Alex Bateman’s Origami Tessellations)

First off, let me post a link to Alex’s new site- it’s Not only does he have some great material there, but he also created a software program that generates tessellations- and it’s released under the GPL! (that means free forever, and allows derivative works that also must remain free). That’s an excellent thing, and really warms my heart. I’m a huge open source junkie and I always like to see people release things for free rather than trying to lock them up forever.

Which leads me to my next point- Alex has an e-book available at his website, which he graciously provided a gratis copy of (thanks Alex!) It’s 3 pounds (which is about $5.40 US currently) and is a very nicely put together document, with a number of good introductory folds and lots of photos. I’m going to give some of them a go once I get a chance to put them on some thin paper.

I’ve been trying to put together some simple PDF documents with diagrams and photos for a few months now, and it’s HARD. I think it’s great that Alex is trying to get a little something for his work here, and I encourage any of you interested in tessellations to check it out. It’s a way to not only get a little more insight into his thinking and designs, but to also support his hard work in releasing software and folding goodies for you folks to play with.

I only hope the docs I end up releasing come out half as good. I’ll be happy!

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