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Origami links!

I have some new, *great* links to check out. First off is:

Sebastian Kirsch’s website. He’s got some seriously great material, including a fold that looks suspiciously like a log spiral, or something similar to it. except it’s not a spiral… well anyway, it’s something that I’ve been searching for! For about 2 months! so this will hopefully save me from reinventing the wheel.

Jean-Claude Correia more Correia work. I really dig this guy. his folding is just excellent and so very analog. I hope that last statement makes sense to you, maybe it doesn’t- but when you work with digital info all day, and you fold very precise geometric things, it’s nice to just get a little chaotic with your folding and learn to let go. good stuff.

Hatori Koshiro’s blog. His blog is in japanese, but google can translate it for you. He also has linked to Correia, and he’s got some very nice folding, too.

And, of course, a stupid plug for my website. I had to reload my server today due to some unexpected stupidity but it seems more or less back up to speed. thanks rackspace!

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