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origami tessellation lamps

Wow! this french origami site has some pretty amazing tessellated lamps for sale! since my french is limited to finding the metro, buying lunch, and locating bathroom facilities, I can’t understand much of it.

Although it does promise to take me to another dimension!

base made of wood, using compact fluoresecent bulbs to avoid setting things on fire (good idea, there).

for the most part, they seem to consist of 45 degree angle tessellations, or vertical pleating designs which have interesting bases or designs in the vertical portions. My initial thought was “I can get more complex than that!” but in reality a simpler design probably catches the light better, and isn’t as distracting as something overly complex. This is, no doubt, another item to try out folding and see what comes of it! I can imagine the stockpile of white unryu paper that I have probably will come in handy for this particular project.

This looks like a good idea- I had some plans for making a lamp using some of my flat-fold tessellations, but perhaps some sort of standalone 3d model would be good.

boutique: les lampes

UPDATE: Anna from Origami Austria created this lovely diagram (with help from the Real Chris) for folding one of the above lamps. You can download it here:

and while we’re speaking of lamps, check out these “le klint” lamps over at hive modern:

le klint lamps

they are spectacular (and 60s pop) lamps folded/pressed from what looks like one sheet of PVC or similar polycarbonate plastic.

some of these remind me a lot of tessellations I have folded, and really make me want to fold them as lamps- others are crazy curved shapes I couldn’t think of reproducing accurately.

blurb from the site says:

“These hand-folded sculptural lamps were designed by Andreas Hansen and has been in continuous production in Denmark by Le Klint. Le Klint pendants are enjoying renewed popularity and cast quite an awe-inspiring glow when lit… a smart alternative, or compliment to a Nelson bubble lamp.

Le Klint shades and lamps have been designed by an impressive list of competent and well-reputed designers and architects. There is no doubt that this is one of the explanations why Le Klint lamps are considered “modern classics”. Made from a color stabilized white PVC which is completely washable and anti-static.”

If you like these, check out Ranjit’s photos of one of them over at flickr:


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