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puffy star tessellation via Jane

Estrelas 3D
Originally uploaded by mawelucky.

Jane (mawelucky on flickr) folded this great star tessellation, based on Mélisande’s instructional crease pattern.

this makes three people I know who can fold this! I find it to be too difficult, and I get overly tempted to squash the stars flat. Of course, they look best when nicely folded into 3d shapes.

if you like this model, check out this version of it, folded by Mélisande:

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  1. OMNIAPIEGA S.R.L. says

    Good morning Sir,
    my name is Toni Omar and i’m a technician from Omniapiega company.
    My company work in a fashion fiel (leader in the sector),and we are interesting in your tassellation like “Square weave /Estrelas 3D” and others.
    My question are :is possible to do this kind of designes on fabric or only on paper?
    There are a particular patterns for made this?
    If yes, how are the dimension and the price?
    I’m waiting as soon as possible the answer.
    Best regards,
    Toni Omar

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