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Papercraft: How to make a Concertina Book!

Dreaming Spirals has this great photo howto on making a Concertina book. It’s two covers with a stack of preliminary bases, flipflopping back and forth in sets of two to make a nice, origami inspired book. the pages expand out and open while you’re reading it! A very cute and fun papercraft, I think.

Liz Plummer (the author of site) has done a great job showing all the steps; I encourage you to give it a look, and think about making someone YOU know a special little book for Christmas! If you’re an origami fanatic like me, I’m guessing you probably have a nice stash of paper squirreled away… now’s the time to break out the lokta, washi, unryu, or whatever and use it for this project.

here’s a few steps to whet your appetite:

UPDATE: Hey! the nice people over at Make: Magazine picked this up on their blog!

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