Month: April 2006

Joel Cooper makes the April 2006 BOS magazine cover!

Saw this preview thanks to Sajid Khan of Origami BBS fame. He just got back from the BOS Spring 2006 convention, and had this preview image of the April 2006 BOS magazine- who is that on the cover!? It’s Joel Cooper’s model Mask 8a, (which I keep calling Nebuchanezzar, although I don’t know what he prefers it to be called.) Here’s the real deal: Congratulations, Joel!

Tessellations by Danilo from Chile

Tessellations by Danilo from Chile Originally uploaded by Ori-gomi. Danilo from Origami Chile sent me these wonderful photos. Apparently they set up an exhibition in the main library in Santiago, Chile last friday (3/31). It sounds like this piece started out as a .7m x 3m sheet of Kraft paper, and ended up as a 45cm x 1.45m final work- that’s really big! Danilo did a wonderful job of folding this- he credited me on the name plate for it, but I know for a fact that Fujimoto (and many, many others) have folded it before I did. It’s a natural folding pattern for a tessellation of diamond shapes based on equilateral triangles. This highlights the importance of sharing ideas and images, though- I don’t know if Danilo has ever seen those other works, and I know that I didn’t see any of them until recently. So it’s important to share knowledge, everyone! Thanks again Danilo for sending these photos- it’s a wonderful job you did folding this, and I’m very happy to see tessellations …

links for 2006-04-07

Convenient methods for folding centered hexagons, octagons, dodecagons, etc A little page with some helpful diagrams for folding centered polygon shapes. quite useful. (tags: origami polygon hexagon pentagon octagon paperfolding papiroflexia)

2006 Tessellation Contest

Before you get your hopes up, this isn’t about origami- so all 10 of you out there who fold origami tessellations can put your paper down. Pedagoguery Software has an annual art contest for users of their Tess tessellation creation software; this year’s contest page can be found at the following link. Here’s last year’s winner: Koi, by Odebo Babiuk Another nice one from 2004’s contest: Pinwheel 1AB, by Denise Smith Here’s the full contest info from their website: Once a year, we run our Tessellation contest. One prize-winning entry from each year is shown on the right; click on one to see all from that year. We are now accepting entries for our 2006 contest! To enter download and install Tess, register Tess (if unregistered) using “Contest” for both name and code, explore and experiment, and send in your entries and accompanying information by email to No purchase necessary. 2006 Prizes Grand Prize $200, a set of die-cast polyhedra models, a site license for Tess for a school of the winner’s choice, …

links for 2006-04-04

Owen Jones: The Grammar of Ornament, 1853 I posted these images from Owen Jone’s 1853-1856 work, the Grammar of Ornament. It is truly a classic work, and was a basis of design in the West up until the 1940’s. The images here are all the ones which are related to my work with tessellations- there (tags: origami tessellations geometric geometry patterns design ornament owenjones images gallery publicdomain) Origami Ethics Jeremy Shafer’s excellent writeup on ethics in origami design. He’s especially accurate with regards to geometric designs- of course most things will have been found before. I’m not so sure that I would go searching to the ends of the earth to find all pr (tags: origami ethics jeremyshafer shafer design copyright polite) Paper Mosaics: Origami Tessellations Alex Bateman’s Origami Tessellations website- home of the famous Tess origami tessellation software. (tags: alexbateman origami tessellation tessellations tesselation tesselations paperfolding papiroflexia geometry design software GPL DIY opensource art) The Fitful Flog Origami blog, maintained by Philip Chapman-Bell. Origami designs and diagrams released under the Creative Commons license, making …