Month: May 2006

New Art Purchase

Guess what we bought??? Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. We were extremely excited about being able to get this piece, which is going to hang on the wall in our living room once we build a suitable frame for it. (Joel’s frame was good, but we wanted one a little bigger to help tie the room together.) I’m glad we got there first, as there were other people looking to pick up this piece too. (Sorry about that!) We both were fascinated by this piece when we saw it online, but once we were able to pick it up in person and hold it, look at it from all angles, etc we knew that we really wanted to take it home with us. Thanks, Joel, for letting us acquire this wonderful piece! For those of you who feel left out, Joel has a portfolio page here with a number of available works. Take a look, it’s worth it. We can’t express how much we like this piece and the reaction to it by visitors in our …

Aldo Tolino teaches me how to crumple, part 3 of 3

Aldo Tolino teaches me how to crumple

I received a wonderful email from Aldo Tolino– ionoi on flickr- with a link to a YouTube video he created that teaches you how to crumple paper, Vincent Floderer-style. He says that he learned this technique last year at the Salzburg Origami Masters exhibition, in a class taught by Paul Jackson. (who apparently taught this technique to Floderer, as well!) I really can’t believe that it’s this easy to do! so much fun. This was my first attempt, using a spare napkin laying around the office kitchen. The video:

Silk Cloth by Chris Palmer

This is a beautiful and intriguing work by Chris Palmer, from the Bridges 2004 conference. He’s been working primarily with silk and cloth for a while now, it seems, and these photos attest to the depth of his skill. Wow. More pictures available at: Thanks for the link, Richard!

Aldo Tolino, part 1

rahmen_iter_wie_linien Originally uploaded by ionoi. Check out the beautiful work by Aldo Tolino of Vienna on flickr: Wonderful iterative folded surfaces, shapes and other deliciousness. His blog, here: I’ve got some other goodies from him to post, but that can wait until tomorrow! -Eric

YOAS (yet another octagonal star)

YOAS (yet another octagonal star) Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Meus apologies for the continual stream of octagonal star shapes. I’m doing something with it, I promise. Found a new, interesting folding method, and adapted it to fit the paper slightly better. Also, I felt the big empty space in the middle really needed to be filled with something, so I decorated it a bit. (My apologies also if my lettering is a bit off- I don’t speak Arabic, and heavily stylized Kufi is all I’m comfortable with trying to do. I wasn’t sure if including the alif was proper or not but it seemed better to keep it. Please let me know if this is incorrect and I will work differently in the future.) I’ve discovered a number of new methods of folding some of these more complex polygonal shapes lately, which hopefully will speed up some of the work I’m doing on completing larger, more complex designs. The larger works aren’t portable, sadly, so the spare time I have during my commute can’t be …