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Money Folding

Lately, prompted subliminally by a conversation on the O-list, I have been folding money. I never really cared for money folding before, and I can’t say that this represents a change in my folding focus, but there’s something really fascinating in folding unique objects out of such a common, ubiquitous item.

Folded last night, here’s a design based on a puff star tessellation:

Puff Daddy George, 2/2

Puff Daddy George, 1/2

And a few days ago, I folded this design- two octagonal negative space stars, with radial kite shapes:

One and Two Half Dollars

It conveniently holds two half-dollar coins quite precisely in the “negative space” in the center.

I’ll probably bring both of these to the convention, although I haven’t figured out a display method yet- I’m a little worried that someone will just swipe the dollar bills off the table. Anyone with money-folding + convention experience willing to give me a suggestion on display methodology for such things?


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