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Oschene’s 10 Pointed Twist Star

Need a Photo for the Blog

Originally uploaded by oschene.

Philip Chapman-Bell (aka Oschene on Flickr) has been doing a lot of fascinating exploration of twists lately, including some spectacular 16 sided chrysanthemum shapes and this particularly delicious 10 pointed twist star.

True to form, after sorting all this information out he went further and published a full sequenced crease pattern (SCP) for this design, and released it under the CC License. I am a big fan of his SCP work- it’s clear to see and understand, and is a lot more thorough than a basic CP while being easier to create than a full diagram set. And I have to give him a big hand for releasing his work under a CC license so others can freely use, share, remix, and reuse his designs. Thanks for sharing this with us, Philip!

Here’s some more of his stellar work:

Chrysanthemum Crest Backlit

My Version of Jane's Philip's Pentagon

10 Pointed Twist Star, Backlit

8 Pointed Twist Star

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