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simple escher-style fish tessellation, v. 2 (backlit)

decided to try an escher-style tessellation again after some discussion on the Origami mailing list. this is, obviously, a rather simple model, but something more complex would take more time than I have right now.

this model tessellates across the plane, although it requires two differently sized triangles to fill in some gaps. you can see the tiling pattern here.

I know they don’t really look all that much like fish (more like goldfish crackers, if you’re from the US) but it’s what came to mind. I came up with some more complex figures made up of larger groups of shapes; I’ll try to give some of those a go at a later point in time.

All my diagrams that exist are available online at: I only have 4 documents up there currently, but there are more in the works. If I come up with some better fish tessellations I’ll make sure to diagram them!

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