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Origami Joel on flickr!

mask 4b

Originally uploaded by origami joel.

I’m pleased as punch to see Joel Cooper joining the ranks of origami folders on Flickr.

So take a look at his current photos, subscribe to an RSS feed so you see anything new posted, or join Flickr yourself and add him as a contact, so you see any of his photos show up in your daily feed or “home page” on flickr.

Also, don’t hesitate to check out the great origami community we have going on over here, at both the Origami Tessellations group and the Folding Freaks Origami group!

Joel’s user page, as linked above, is here:

if you are a member of Flickr, you can send him a message through their messaging facility. Useful in case you’re looking to get a hold of him, too.

He’s got some amazingly impressive tessellation work that I’m excited to see. very good stuff!

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