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Modular Kirigami by George Hart

I was just made aware of some fantastic newModular Kirigami pieces being created by George Hart, (previously linked to on OT:here).

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It’s no secret that we have a big love for kirigami here in our house- my wife is a kirigami fanatic. So when a mutual friend, Jeff Rutzky, pointed out this new work by George I had to go check it out.

It’s quite fascinating stuff, and I can’t wait to devote a big chunk of time into going nuts with our CraftROBO, and give this kind of wicked geometry-meets-craft-meets-kirigami-meets-art a spin. I’m a paper arts freak, so all this kind of stuff just gets me really jazzed up!

Check out some of the other amazing work that George has- there’s a plethora of it to gawk at, and be amazed by.


do I get extra points for dropping as many names as I possibly could in one paragraph? I tried!


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