Month: January 2007

Ron Resch photos from the 1960’s

Ron Resch photo from the 1960’s Originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Given to me by Joan Michaels Paque, as some wonderful background information on the work of Ron Resch. Fantastic! Thank you so much, Joan! I don’t have a date on this one, but from his hair and clothing it looks almost like the early 60’s. Wow. Isn’t it amazing to see the tessellated structure from back then? This is fantastic to me. Check out the three other photos including a great letter from 1978, on my flickr photo stream.

Modular Kirigami by George Hart

I was just made aware of some fantastic newModular Kirigami pieces being created by George Hart, (previously linked to on OT:here). image from It’s no secret that we have a big love for kirigami here in our house- my wife is a kirigami fanatic. So when a mutual friend, Jeff Rutzky, pointed out this new work by George I had to go check it out. It’s quite fascinating stuff, and I can’t wait to devote a big chunk of time into going nuts with our CraftROBO, and give this kind of wicked geometry-meets-craft-meets-kirigami-meets-art a spin. I’m a paper arts freak, so all this kind of stuff just gets me really jazzed up! Check out some of the other amazing work that George has- there’s a plethora of it to gawk at, and be amazed by. -Eric do I get extra points for dropping as many names as I possibly could in one paragraph? I tried!

Luny Lunoid

Luny Lunoid Originally uploaded by lilzabubba. We’ve been folding a lot of Lunoids around the house lately, really enjoying this great model by Philip Chapman-Bell. Most definitely download the CP and give it a try, it makes an oddly appealing shape that is most hard to identify. We haven’t yet figured out what the shape looks like the most, but seed pods, loaves of bread, peasant shoes, fat little boats, and other such things have all taken a run at first place…

Roundup post for 2006

Hi there everyone. I’ve been a little busy lately, going a bit bonkers with projects and some new 2007 craziness at work. Just posting some quick links and general end-of-the-year roundup bits here. In case you missed it before, I uploaded some photos from my trip to the Italian origami convention in Verbania. I can’t lay claim to them being amazingly wonderful photos, but there’s some nice stuff in there, and lots of tessellations (what a shock, I know.) Make sure to check out the nice pieces by Sipho Mabona, who I had the great pleasure of finally meeting in person. (his flickr page: I was also very excited to meet Ralf Konrad, to see my good friend Mélisande again, as well as Roberto Gretter and several other nice people that I ran into at the OUSA convention in summer 2006. OK, so moving on… I’d also like to point out the really interesting work coming from Ray Schamp and Polly Verity, and the group they post to most often: Origami Corrugations There’s a …