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“Reveal”, a new work



Reveal, a new work, framed and mounted in a shadowbox.

Made from handmade flax and abaca paper created by my partner, Ioana Stoian.

As this paper was so vibrant and alive, I aimed for a simple pattern that helped to reveal some of the inner beauty of the paper without stealing attention from the paper itself.

The paper was repeatedly dyed in natural indigo dye, and has an extremely organic nature to it. I’m very pleased with this work.



  1. i just came over here from helen hiebert’s blog and am swept away by the work. wonderful stuff, and this indigo piece Reveal is particularly fine. thank you for a wonderful paper wander!

  2. Tamara Havlik says

    I find your work absolutely amazing. Your ability to fold such intricate designs without obvious flaws astounds me.

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