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L. Camargo

I don’t know much more about L. Camargo other than it’s a new blog with a pile of photos of very nice modular origami. I haven’t seen any updates so far, so I guess it’s just a mystery source of interesting photos!

If you are the (spanish speaking?) person who created this site, please let me know! I’m very interested in knowing more about you and your work.


  1. Ligia Camargo is my aunt. She doesn’t spend much time on the internet, so she is not probably commenting here. We are from Colombia, and some other members of my family are origami enthusiasts 🙂 I think you can expect more origami photos in her blog, since she is always sending email to our family mailing list about them 😉

  2. Administrator says

    hey, thanks for the info, Sergio! I appreciate you letting me know.

    Her work is very impressive, so let her know that people think it is wonderful! and to keep it up!

  3. quisiera que me mandaran a mi correo las instrucciones para hacer estas figuras y si pueden massss le agradesco si me hacen el favor

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